Customizing Your LinkedIn Address

LinkedIn continues to grow in popularity as a primary professional networking tool. Recent research shows that recruiters and hiring managers make 98% of their hiring decisions based on information found in LinkedIn. Part of presenting a professional image to others is to have a customized LinkedIn address. You’ll be using it on your resume and business cards. Also, a customized address is a clue that you’re tech saavy which is critically important in today’s business environment.

Not sure if your address is customized? Take a look at your profile and you’ll see your LI address under your head shot. If it has a string of numbers at the end, then it’s not customized.

To customize your LinkedIn address:

Log into your profile and in the tool bar click on Profile>Edit Profile>Click on the Edit link next to your LI address>Your Public Profile URL (lower right of the screen)>Customize your Public Profile URL>Enter your name with no spaces in the dialogue box>Set Custom URL.

You’re done and looking very professional!




Summer Job Search

Thinking of putting your job search on hold during the summer months? Think again! Summer is a great time for increased networking – ballgames, family cook-outs, block parties, and even summer trips. Contrary to popular beliefs, companies don’t slow down their hiring during summertime. Although the interview process may take a bit longer due to hiring managers taking some time off, summer is a great time to kick up the pace of the search. In fact, you’ll have a competitive edge as many other job seekers will be taking time off from their search. So, enjoy the summer months, but keep the search alive!